Hun Jae Lee


Web developer who thrives in an agile development environment in a rapidly-growing startup atmosphere. Specializes in Python/Django backend as well as UI/UX development using various front-end technologies. Experience in testing, monitoring, and deploying using Docker and Github Actions.


  • Languages: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass (SCSS), Swift, Java
  • Frameworks: Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Rails, nginx, Docker, docker-compose, Jekyll, Bootstrap
  • Authentication: Django-allauth, Devise/Warden, SAML, Auth0
  • Networking: python-requests, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, aiohttp, lxml, wireshark
  • Database & ORM: MySQL, ElasticSearch, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • VCS: Git, GitHub, SVN
  • Automation: Ansible, Jenkins, Github Actions
  • Cloud Services: GCP, Heroku, AWS, UCloud, New Relic

Work Experience

Software Engineer Second Generation - Cleveland, OH (Dec 2017 - Present)

Develop/maintain frontend & backend, deliver SEO, lead UI/UX design, assist in devops and troubleshooting, trace errors and respond to outages

  • Created dynamic config-driven web scraper using python-requests, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, and lxml to load, parse, and transform client data
  • Applied TDD principles in prototyping URL shortener/redirector system to improve client’s SEO exposure & provide analytics
  • Composed Python script cron jobs for Jenkins to run data import process and send customer notification emails
  • Architected internal billing API & its test suite to interact with Stripe payment gateway
  • Standardized documentations to setup development environment for onboarding process
  • Designed customer newsletter emails and configured scheduled delivery over Mailchimp & Postmark
  • Marketed & pitched the product website at CES 2018 (Las Vegas, NV)

Software Developer, Intern @ - Cleveland, OH (May-Jul 2017)

  • Automated creation and standardized configuration for deployment process using Ansible and Docker
  • Validated SAML integration with Ruby on Rails backend to Devise/Warden authentication framework
  • Re-designed internal staff dashboard using data visualization with Chart.js

QA & System Engineer, Intern @ ISE Commerce - Seoul, Korea (May-Nov 2015)

  • Conducted load/stress tests on Web & DB servers using Apache JMeter
  • Constructed replicated structure on UCloud, fine-tuning nginx configurations to handle ~1 mil. traffic on peak day

Other Experience

Mentor & Development Lead @ Hackathon Mentors - Remote (Jan 2020 - Present)

  • Volunteer at hackathons to help attendees brainstorm, ideate, and troubleshoot during the event
  • (Currently) creating a website that displays upcoming hackathon events and provides a community forum to keep attendees and organizers connected


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH (Graduated May 2017)