Fixing error: no matches for kind "PodDisruptionBudget" in version "policy/v1beta1"

When running skaffold run this error appeared:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: resource mapping not found for name:
  "joemama-celery-worker" namespace: 
  "" from "": no matches for kind "PodDisruptionBudget" in version "policy/v1beta1"
ensure CRDs are installed first
deploying "joemama": install: exit status 1

Apparently, support for policy/v1beta has been deprecated in the (mac) newer Docker desktop (+ Kubernetes) update (starting @ v1.25 according to deprecated API migration guide).

The solution was to change apiVersion from policy/v1beta1 to:

apiVersion: policy/v1

Then it worked.